3 Technique Class

May 31st, June 1st & 2nd

June 28th, 29th & 30th

July 26th, 27th & 28th

9 AM to 5 PM


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Master Class is an advanced course that covers the full ombre powder technique. This group training will cover all significant aspects of sanitation so students will understand how to properly use equipment and necessary tools that will be safe for them and their clients.The 3 technique class consists of Ombré Powder Brow, Microshading/Nano Combination Brow, and Nano Strokes. Nanostrokes plus a powder brow collaboration means NO microblading which means less damage to the skin, a longer lasting and more permanent retention, and it's ideal for oily skin types or clients with little to no hair. Nano refers to the finest hair like strokes created by machine. Overtime, Nano strokes have a better longevity and a greater rate of remaining crisp and clear that microblading can't do.

Class Prerequisite

Each student needs to complete a Bloodborne Pathogens for Tattoo Artists & Piercers test prior to starting the class. Please click the link below and select the Sign-Up button under the first class listed titled “Bloodborne Pathogens for Tattoo Artists & Piercers (Except CA, FL, MN)”. Once you have purchased the online class and completed it, print out your certificate and bring it to your first day of class.

Key Techniques Covered

Kit Provided Includes

  • Sanitation

  • Color Theory

  • Color Corrections

  • Bad Microbladding Coverup

  • Brow Shaping

  • Brow Mapping

  • (1) NadyB Ink Machine 

  • (2) Box of 10 Cartridges

  • Tina Davies Collection

  • Training Manual

Class Syllabus

DayS One & TWO

  • Students will study key points in a theory lecture including sanitation, steralization, color thoery, skin types and undertones, etch.

  • Students will study how to successfully map out brows even when the client may have an asymmetrical face using Nady’s mapping technique.

  • Students will be taught the difference between the 3 different techniques and how to distinguish which technique would best suit each individual client.

  • Students will receive their individual full kit and familiarize themselves with each tool. 

  • Nady B will go over all the supplies she uses and where they can be purchased.

  • Nady B will help each student understand how to use their machine correctly.

  • Each student will perfect their skills on pig skins while receiving instruction and tips from Nady B.

Day Three

  • Students will learn how to perform consultations including taking medical histories.

  • Students will be taught sanitation and setup.

  • Students will further hone their skills under the watchful eye of Nady B while working on live models.   ** Please see note below.

  • Students will acquire knowledge of lighting and photography so they can present their work better.

  • Graduation, which you will receive a certificate showing that you completed Nady B’s Master Class.

  • Brunch will be provided to each student.

    **  Each student must provide their own live model for Day Two of class. If a student can’t bring a live model they will perform on a pigskin

Class Registration

Click the pay now button below to pay your deposit and sign-up. Please note that a $350 deposit is due at the time you register. The deposit is secured, nonrefundable and non-transferable and goes towards the Master Class total fee of $3,500. The remaining balance of $3,150 will be due at check-in time on Day One of the class. Please email ​us by CLICKING HERE or call Nady B Beauty Bar at 313.228.5874 if you have any other questions. This class has only 12 available spots so please reserve your spot by booking directly by clicking the button below.

$350 Minimum Non Refundable Deposit REQUIRED
*Please note which dates you are enrolling for!*

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